Steel and Stainless Balls

The steel balls we handle are top quality and are extremely precise. The typical product is the ball bearing and they are used for industrial equipment, transfer equipment, and rotor area.
Other than revolving objects, ball bulb and automatic air bag equipment are the products that utilize high sphericity.
Its are all around us in our daily life even though we often aren't aware of it.
  Steel balls
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Types of Steel Balls

SUJ2 balls   ◆Bearing steel balls (chrome steel balls)
For the material of the bearing steel balls, we use the high carbon high chrome steel (JIS G 4805 SUJ-2) which has high friction resistance.
Carbon steel balls   ◆Carbon steel balls
It is called carbon steel ball for bicycles by the JIS standard. SWRCM10 or SWRCM12 of JIS G 3505 and JIS G 4051SCK is used for the material.
We use a vacuum carbonitriding process to increase the surface hardness and manufacture carbon steel balls.

Stainless Balls

Stainless is a coined word of Stain and Less and is a metal alloy based on steel.
Generally, it is defined as metal alloy with more than 12% chrome and less than 35% steel.
It has excellent corrosion resistance compared with steel.
Although stainless is thought of as being "Stain Less", actually it is not corrosion proof but it is difficult to oxidize.
The disadvantage of iron has been modified and it has the superior characteristics of impact resistance, strength, and beauty.
  Stainless balls

Types of Stainless Balls

SUS304 balls   ◆SUS304(18Cr-8Ni)
It is the most popular austenite stainless steel of the stainless steels.
SUS316 balls
It is a steel type classified as austenite like SUS304.As a feature, it has better corrosion resistance than SUS304.
SUS440c balls
It is the hardest martensite stainless steel of all stainless steels. By thermal treatment, the hardness has been improving.