Other Nonferrous Metal Balls

Nonferrous metal balls such as copper, aluminum, brass and titanium balls are used at many places in our daily life without our knowing it.
For example, copper alloy balls (JIS H 3260) are used for light bulbs, and plated copper or brass balls are used for the breaker points of electric circuit boards. Aluminum balls are used for seat belt component, and also the electric breaker point of the airbag system for automobiles because of its characteristics.
Titanium balls are "no contamination".
So it use for semiconductor manufacturing industry.
As is the word "Producing infinite possibilities from a single sphere", balls of various materials are hard at work all around you.
Nonferrous metal balls

Copper Balls


◆Characteristics of copper balls

  • Copper has outstanding electric conductivity and also has excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Recently, the amount of semiconductor products installed in the automobile industry has increased, and the demand for copper balls is increasing.

Brass Balls


◆Characteristics of brass balls

  • Brass is the alloyed metal of copper and zinc.
  • Has higher conductivity than the otherl metal.
  • Therefore, it is often used as an electrical component.

Aluminum Balls


◆Characteristics of aluminum balls

  • The density of aluminum is about 2.69 and is the lightest of all metals.
  • The thermal conductivity of aluminum is three times that of iron.
  • Aluminum is neither magnetized nor affected by the magnetic field.

Titanium Balls


◆Characteristics of titanium balls

  • The gravity of titanium is 4.51 and about 60% of the steel. It is a light metal.
  • Titanium has strong intensity. Especially, titanium alloy has the highest class of specific tensile strength among all the practical metals.
  • Titanium has better corrosion resistance than stainless and copper alloy.
  • Titanium and titanium alloy are "nonmagnetic metals".

Nonferrous Metal Comparison Table

Table:Characteristics of Nonferrous Metals (Generic Data)
Item, Type Nonferrous Metal 
Copper Brass Aluminum Titanium
Density   8.94 8.47 2.69 4.51
Tensile Strength (MPa) 250 295 260 400
Elastic coefficient (kN/mm2) 118 103 70 106
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/m・k) 391 117 137 17
Coefficient of thermal expansion (x10-6/℃) 17.7 20.3 23.8 8.4
Specific heat (J/kg・K) 385 377 900 520
Melting point (℃) 1083 905 650 1668

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※ Plating, boring and other process can be done to the balls upon request.