Mechanical Equipment

Steel Ball Manufacturing Department

High speed ball Header / Ball Header / Ball Flashing Machine / Ball Grinding Machine / Rotatory Barrel Finishing Machine / Filter press / Automatic ball counter

Special Ball Manufacturing Department

Ball Grinding Machine / Ball Lapping Machine / Ball Processing Machine / Centrifugal Separator / Dry Furnace / Ultra pure water generator / Ultrasonic washing machine / Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine / Portable filter press

Inspection Department

Surface Roughness Measurement / Roundness,Cylindricity Measuring Machines / Laser Scan Micrometer / Digital Microscope / Stereoscopic Microscopes / Automatic Ball Inspection Machine / Roller Micrometer

Generic Machines

Lathe / Bench Lathe / Milling Cutter / Turning M/C

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Clean Room
Class1000(US FED STD 209E)
Pre-Clean Room
  Full Automatical Washing M/C
  Pass Box (Pre-Clean Room side)
Air shower
  Clean Room(1)
  Clean Room(2)
Pass Box (Clean Room side)
  Visual Inspection(1)
  Visual Inspection(2)
Automatical counting and packing M/C
  Automatical counting M/C
  Automatical packing M/C

Inspection Department
Digital Microscope
   Digital Microscope
  Round tester
Surf test
  Laser Scan Micrometer
  Digital Microscope
Roller Micrometer (1)
  Roller Micrometer (2)
  Other Inspection Tool
Inspecting room (1)
  Inspecting room (2)
  Inspecting room (3)

Steel Ball Manufacturing Department
Heading factory
  High Speed Ball Heading M/C(1)
  High Speed Ball Heading M/C(2)
High Speed Ball Heading M/C(3)
  Heading process
  Polishing M/C
Steel Ball
Steel Ball factory
  Grinding & Polishing line
  Ball Flashing M/C(1)
Ball Flashing M/C(2)
  Ball Flashing M/C(3)
  Ball Flashing M/C(4)
Ball Grinding M/C(1)
  Ball Grinding M/C(2)
  Ball Grinding M/C(3)
Coolant Systems(1)
  Coolant Systems(2)
  Coolant Systems(3)
Barrel Finishing M/C
  Vibratory Finishing M/C
  Centrifugal dehydrator M/C

Special Ball Manufacturing Department
Special Ball line
  Ball Lapping M/C (1)
  Ball Lapping M/C (2)